New Mexico Mule Deer Hunting Trips

Our New Mexico mule deer hunting trips are of excellent quality. The ranch we have is private land with really excellent deer populations. Were offering mule deer hunts for quality deer ranging in the 150-180 class the ranches have potential for the 200 class deer also. Glassing and stalking are the hunting methods. We do a lot of pre-scouting prior to the hunt and during the year. Hunts are designed to glass for the deer then maneuver to put on a good stalk but if the deer are not positioned for a good stalk we wait you can’t just rush in on some of these big bucks or you’ll push them out. The terrain is a mesa type small mountain with small valleys creeks and streams. This is an excellent hunt to be able to experience western hunting at its finest in New Mexico. This Ranch is 85,000 acres so we have plenty of country to hunt. 


Hunts are 5 days Guide, Lodging, Meals, Trophy care, include NOT INCLUDE hunting license $400.00

Cost of hunt $4500.00

Hunts available

  • Muzzleloader 5 days starts Wednesday September 27 and we end October 2.  2017
  • Rifle dates October 21-25 or October 28-November 1