Red Dirt Trail Outfitters

Welcome to Red Dirt Trail Outfitters
Owner/ Outfitter Ross Hastie 

We are located in Tucumcari, New Mexico which is on I-40 200 miles east of Albuquerque, or 120 miles west of Amarillo Texas. This is a ranching area with some agriculture. We have a beautiful geographic collage of terrain to see ranging from Red Sandstone Mesa’s to native Buffalo grasslands and rolling sage sandhills.

I went on my first elk hunting trip when I was five years old with my dad into the flat tops of Colorado and never missed a season for 17 years with my dad. I worked for a outfitter based out of Montrose, Colorado for a couple of seasons guiding for elk and mule deer. Moved to New Mexico in 2002 and have been guiding antelope hunters ever since along with some other hunting such as mule deer, turkey and quail and elk. 

I married a local girl-- Lacy. We now have a 2 year old boy named Cutter and are expecting a second child in July 2008.

Owner Ross Hastie (left) with a successful hunter (right).

I have had the dream of being an outfitter for about 20 years and finally was able to accomplish that goal in 2004 because of the requirements in New Mexico about having experience and licensing. My main goal for becoming an outfitter is to provide hunters from around the word a great high quality hunt, taking care of all the little stuff a outfitter should and to have the hunters happy and proud that they came hunting with us. To many outfitters don’t care about the quality of the animals or do the little things to make the hunters have a enjoyable time.

I have been blessed with an outstanding local group of guides that love what they do and take pride in helping all the hunters out even if they are done with there own hunters. They must do a great job because they have all gotten something in the past from their hunters like Christmas cards and gifts from them. 

I work hard to find the best ranches for our hunting and I think it shows with a 100% success rate average antelope score of 78 and length of 15 ½. We do hunting trips fair chase not high fence or shoot em’ off the feeder hunts.

We have a local airport that some of the hunters fly into with their own plans and I can Pick you up there. I want to do what I can to make your hunt a memorable one. Give me a call with any questions 

Happy Hunting --Ross Hastie, Owner & Operator